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Thứ hai - 21/09/2015 12:59
INTRODUCTION Vinh Phuoc Evangelical Church 57years of history (1962-2019)


Vinh Phuoc Evangelical Church 

57 years of history (1962-2019)

         From a house rented in Xom Bong area, north of Nha Trang city, a group of believers separated from Nha Trang church in 1962 and bought a piece of land on Highway 1 to build a church. In the joy and happiness of God’s servants and children, the church was inaugurated on February 13, 1966. 

         However, the congregation continued to grow and soon the church needed to find a new location. Therefore, by God’s grace, the congregation rebuilt a new church which was wider and more spacious, measuring 33.5 meters by 14 meters and seating 700.  The new church was inaugurated in 1997.     

         Currently, Vinh Phuoc Church is located at 80, 2 Thang 4 Street in Nha Trang.  It is a beautiful church with the figure of two hands giving God prayers and thanks.

         During the church’s 56 years of ministry, the congregation has had the opportunity to start additional churches at Nui San, Vinh Luong, Cong Chinh (Nong Cong - Thanh Hoa).   They have also helped to establish a gathering place at Dam Van with hopes that in the future it will become a church.  All these churches are independent from Vinh Phuoc church.

         Currently, Vinh Phuoc church has 1,100 followers throughout 6 areas in Nha Trang City (Rừng Cát, Đông Hòn Chồng, Tây Hòn Chồng, Tây Nam, Vĩnh Thọ, Vĩnh Hải) and one gathering place (Vĩnh Hòa).

         Vinh Phuoc church has two main ministries: Christian education and evangelism.  The church offers Sunday school classes, Summer Bible classes, and other trainings and activities for all age groups such as Elders, Women, Middle-aged, Young Professional, Youth-Students, Teenagers, Children, and the Hearing-Impaired.  Other ministries include Education Encouragement, Mutual Assistance, Order, Sound, Music, Light, Building, Food, Health, Technique, Office, and Security. The church has recently added a pastoral residence and conference center.  Please go to our church through the website: httlvinhphuoc.org and contact us via email: httlvinhphuoc@gmail.com; Phone: (058) 383-1114 or our Senior Pastor:
Senior Pastor Nguyễn Công Nghĩa

Phone: (0258) 383-1993; Cell Phone: 0918.333.661